In-mould labelling

In-mould labelling (IML) is a pre-decorating technique used for blow moulded bottles, injection moulded and thermoformed containers and other plastic objects. We manufacture a wide variety of consumer products packaged in in-mould labelled containers such as ice cream tubs and lids, margarine and butter containers, ornamental flower pots, bottles for laundry products and personal care products, etc.

What differentiates in-mould labels for blow moulding applications from conventional glue-on labels is the heat seal coating that is applied to the back side of the in-mould label stock during the converting process. Labels for injection moulded IML do not require an adhesive on the back side. The IML process eliminates the labelling step and all associated equipment and labour costs.

You may consider in-mould labelled containers for the following advantages:

  • Lower costs than other pre-decorating methods
  • No extra labelling step or equipment
  • In-case product filling and capping
  • Increased packaging line speed
  • Reduces in-house container inventory
  • Lower container weight
  • Improved appearance
  • Better stain resistance
  • Improved sidewall strength