Bags & Pouches


Our bags for vacuum-packing frozen processed meat products like sausages, hams, bacon and seafood as well as fresh produce, are made with high-quality nylon/LLDPE material with excellent moisture and oxygen barrier properties.

We also supply consumer packagings such as bread bags or takeaway bags made of kraft paper or lined with insulating foil. These are commonly used to contain foodstuffs like confectionery and dim-sum.

Our PP (polypropylene) woven bags are manufactured to the highest standards and are available in deniers from 600 to 1200, from 16″ to 29″ width circular. They can be plain or printed, laminated or non-laminated to suit your requirements. These bags are commonly used for fertilizers, cement (PP woven or PP lined with several layers of kraft paper), sand and gravel, plastic resins, sugar, grains, seeds, flour, rice and so on.

We also have experience in supplying the following items for our clients in various industries:

  • Courier or mailing bags
  • Garbage bags
  • LDPE (low-density polyethylene) bags
  • Nursery bags
  • Paper shopping bags
  • Supermarket singlet bags
  • Tear-off bags
  • Cash bags
  • Air sickness bags
  • Cloth carrier bags
  • Rice bags